5 Survival Tips for Semana Santa Roatan!

It´s that time of year again! For those who don’t know, this upcoming weekend marks Semana Santa or Holy week. Far from the somber religious celebration intended for Easter, Semana Santa turns Roatan into a hedonistic playground. Roughly 15,000 people from all over Central America, mostly the mainland of Honduras come to play on the beach and party all night.

1) Parade West Bay Beach: There will be no shortage of beautiful people this weekend (perhaps a shortage of sober people). Pack on the sunscreen, get a bucket of bear and let the people watching begin. If crowds are not your thing then its best to stay away from West Bay Beach during the day.

2) Try The Food: There will be tons of vendors selling the best street food Roatan has to offer. BBQ is always good but if you get a chance try Mcoy, a coconut seafood stew with shrimps, conch, lobster, fish and maybe even a bit of iguana. Can’t go wrong with Hog fry aswell!

3) Party all night: The best place to party in Roatan is the West End. During the day West Bay will have some good venues but at night hit Franks, Nova, Blue Marlin or El Boske. Every year the cerveceria throws a big party as well so make sure to get wrist bands .

4) Make sure you have a place to crash: Semana Santa is not the time to show up without reservations!

5) If its all too much for you, head to the East End of the island for some peace and quiet!

Semana Santa Roatan

Semana Santa Dj Nina

Semana Santa Dj Nina