The Weather in Roatan, Honduras

 Most of the year the temperature in Roatan ranges from 21 C to 32 C (70-90°F). The hottest months are July-September. It can get very hot and humid this time of year so make sure to hydrate! Hurricane season runs from June- October but typically the island is so far south that hurricanes don’t hit. Rainy season in Roatan runs from September to December with it raining about 50% of the time October and November. The seas around Roatan are typically very calm. If it is rough on one side (wave height over 1 M and wind over 15 Knots) then typically it is calm on the other side. So if it is rough on the South side then the North side will be calm and good for diving, snorkelling, boat trips and Vice Versa. The weather reporting is ok in Roatan but a lot of times you have to go by instinct or the instinct of locals (preferably boat captains).

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