Mahogany Bay Roatan- The Carnival Cruise Ship Port

Mahoganybay Roatan

Mahogany Bay Roatan

The Mahogany Bay cruise ship port is located in French Harbour, Roatan. The 4 year old port can host 2 cruise ships at a time and mostly docks Carnival ships. Here are some pros and cons of staying in the port:


  1. It is easy, if you just want to get off the ship, stretch your legs and hang out at a nice looking beach without spending much money this is your best option.
  2. Great shopping for Roatan souvenirs.
  3. Couple of cool excursions built right into the port: ATVs and Clip N Zip zipline


  1. You are not really seeing Roatan, just a man made center which caters to the mass market.
  2. There is no comparison between the beach and reef and Mahogany Bay and West Bay Beach.
  3. It is difficult to leave the port by walking as it is built deep inland.
  4. The port can get extremely crowded and it feels a bit like Disneyland.
  5. Prices are higher for food and drinks.

A list of ships which dock at Mahogany Bay:

Carnival Legend
Carnival Dream
Carnival Conquest
Carnival Glory
Carnival Liberty
Crown Princess
Carnival Magic
Navigator of the Seas
Holland America Ryndam
MSC Poesia
Costa Mediterranea
Aida Aura

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