Is Roatan Expensive?

Is Roatan Expensive

Is Roatan Expensive

This is a subjective question so I will give you a couple of examples and let you decide. Overall Roatan is in the middle of most tourist destinations. It is more expensive then Mexico and Thailand, but then cheaper then the Bahamas, St. Thomas, Costa Rica. Honduras is part of the developing world so people expect it to be ridiculously cheap , but the fact that Roatan is an island dampens that. Nothing is really produced on the island thus everything has to be shipped in. Electricity is extremely expensive, probably triple what you pay in the US and gas prices are probably 25% higher because of lower supply and the fact that it has to be ferried in. Yes labour is cheap, the average salary on the island is about 400 USD a month but there is also high turn over and labour program costs with island businesses so the price gets passed on.

Some prices to give you an idea of what things cost in Roatan (USD):

  • A beer in Roatan : $1 at the store, $2-$3 at the bar
  • A loaf of Bread: $2 at the grocery store
  • Lunch at a simple restaurant: $5
  • A bottle of water : $0.75
  • 12 Eggs: $1.75
  • Cost of a taxi ride in Roatan: $2- $5 PP depending on where you are going if you share the cab.
  • Avg. Monthly Rent for an ex pat: $350- $700
  • Avg. Monthly Rent for a local: $150-$500
  • Avg. Hotel cost in Roatan for the week: $500-$1500

All that being said, now look at the value. I have yet to find a place anywhere in the world with as beautiful beaches and snorkelling as Roatan. The people are genuine and it hasn’t lost its soul like so many other destinations. Bare in mind I have been to most places in the Caribbean when I worked on cruise ships. I imagine in 15 years the prices in Roatan will be more like Hawaii so come check it out while it is still underground!

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