Getting from Roatan to Utila

Getting to Utila used to be as simple as hopping on Verns Catamaran leaving out of coconut tree dock in the West End and arriving at Bushs supermarket 3 hours later. With Verns tragic and unfortunate passing options are more limited. The easiest way to get to Utila now from Roatan is to charter a boat and go direct, this should take you about an hour. There is a boat (though difficult to get a hold of) which will do the trip for $400 and takes about 1.5 hours. Most of the other boats in Roatan are looking for a minimum of $1,200 onwards. Boat charters work best if you can get more people and split the cost. We send a trip out to Utila every other week so you can always email me. The next option is the take the ferry to La Ceiba and then back over to Utila, this is the most consistent route but will take about 4 hours of your day. When going to Utila it is CRITICAL to make sure the BOATING weather is good for the trip, going is fine but coming back can be brutual since you are going into the wind, specifically 6 ft waves crashing into you and a much longer journey. There are also the odd flights to Utila, but they come and go like the seasons.

On a calm day it is very likely you will see wild dolphins and even the odd pilot whale or whale shark.Once you get to Utila the world is your oyster (whatever that means). Food is cheap (lobster baljadas for $2), the accommodations are cheap and parties go all night unlike in Roatan. Make sure to check out the Jade Seahorse and eat at The King restaurant.

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